Monday, August 10, 2020

Chinatown gangster 'Fat Mark' who bribed Oakland cop gets life

Wing Wo Ma, 'Fat Mark', was sentenced to life in federal prison for murdering a husband and wife in Mendocino County. Ma, of Oakland, shot and killed Jim Tat Kong and Cindy Bao Feng Chen execution style in Fort Bragg in October 2013. Ma had borrowed money for a failed marijuana grow and a real estate scheme and his various scams were crashing down.

After the killings, he called his longtime cop handler: former Oakland lieutenant, Harry Hu.
Ma was not only a confidential informant for Hu, he was bribing Hu and another Oakland cop with trips to Las Vegas and Reno, picking up tabs for drinks, hotel suites and “company of hostesses” in Vegas bars. Ma also leased a $46,000 car for Hu to use. Hu had helped Ma avoid arrest multiple times over the years.

Hu took a plea deal and is scheduled to be sentenced later this month. He faces a one-year federal prison term.