Monday, October 5, 2020

HA Nicholas Lusson dead after bar fight with Mongols - update

Members of both gangs arrived in large numbers after Lusson's killing. Lafayette police had every cop in the city at the location.Colton Mitchell won't be charged for killing HA Nicholas Lusson during an Aug. 15 fight between rival motorcycle gangs. "The actions taken by Colton Mitchell were a proper exercise of his right of self-defense and defense of others; and therefore, his actions were legally justified under the law." Mitchell stabbed Lusson after Lusson hit Mitchell in the head with a piece of metal during a bar fight between Hells Angels and Mongols. Lusson died in the parking lot.
A bar fight in Lafayette killed one biker and injured three. Mongols Colton Mitchell and Brandon Wilcox stepped outside the Big League Sports Bar & Grill. They were confronted by a group of HA. Cops say Nicholas Lusson first attacked Colton Mitchell by hitting him in the head with a metal object. Mitchell stabbed Lusson in the chest, killing him.
Mitchell was taken to hospital with 2 others for treatment. HA Jason Hathaway, 43, attacked a bouncer using brass knuckles. HA Brandon Johnson, 25, pointed a firearm. Both were charged.