Friday, March 19, 2021

Jarrod Bacon released for third time - Update

The Parole Board of Canada has dished out a strict new set of conditions on Bacon Brothers gangster Jarrod. The Mar. 17 parole board decision orders Bacon to live in a halfway house, disclose all personal banking information, to maintain or seek employment, not to own or possess more than one mobile communication device or SIM card and to take his medication.
Former Red Scorpions gangster Jarrod Bacon has been given statutory release from prison, with the Parole Board expressing grave concerns. “Reports are that you remain an influential individual with a very solid connection with the Hells Angels. Those concerns are still valid as of May 2020." There are conditions on Bacon, including that he reside for six months in a facility approved by CSC. The board stated that without such a requirement Bacon “will present an undue risk to society.”
Bacon was sentenced in May 2012 to a 14-year prison term for conspiracy to traffic cocaine. Bacon was first given statutory release in February 2017, but that was revoked when he was arrested for being in a strip club with another offender known to police. Bacon was again released in June 2018, but that, too, was suspended after he tested positive for cocaine.

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