Sunday, January 10, 2021

Oz 'Gangsta Glam' lifestyle littered with corpses

Michael "Micky D" Davey,'Ruthless', lived it up on Instagram and Facebook but was shot dead in his driveway like a dog.
They have tattoos, muscles fed by steroids, arrogance and social media accounts to flaunt their beautiful girlfriend and proceeds of their drug trafficking and other crimes ... flashy car, luxury holidays, and exotic pets. The Instagram thugs may be bikie gang members, associates, drug importers, standover men, armed robbers or all of the above. The new thugs of Instagram might be a poser, or it may be a gang ready to beat a man half to death with nail-spiked baseball bats in broad daylight on Bondi Beach.

Hamad Assaad met the fate he often dished out to others: execution.
In 2017 gangsters arrived on the idyllic shores of Bondi Beach carrying metal bars and bats wrapped in barbed wire or spiked with nails. Marching toward their target, a 34-year-old sunbather, the thugs passed by picnickers and women and babies. Minutes later, after they had beaten their victim to bloody, dazed pulp, the gang left alarmed mothers and crying babies in their wake to drive off in a white Mercedes.
Instagram thugs like Ricky Ciano share the same fate. The former Rebels bikie president was found dead in the back seat of a luxury sports car.

Ciano vanished in Sydney just months after surviving a pizza delivery assassination plot for deserting the gang.
Pretty boy hitman Pasquale Barbaro typified the 'Instagram thug' before his assassination.