Sunday, August 23, 2020

Red Devils colors a business card

Mario Blais, a member of the main HA puppet club the Red Devils, and Frank Bernier, were charged in May with extortion.

The story began when the complainant won a September court case in Superior Court against a numbered company in Quebec for non-payment of debts of $6.5m. The court ordered a building sold and the proceeds paid to the creditor.
In March, on the pretext of having an interest in the building, Frank Bernier obtained an appointment. Suspicious, the complainant installed a camera in his conference room before the meeting. Frank Bernier and Mario Blais introduced themselves. Blais sees the camera and shows it to Bernier. He places a handkerchief to obstruct the lens, but the camera continues to record their voices. Bernier then made an 'offer' of settlement of $3m.

"Do you not feel hot? Bernier asks after being refused. He then asks Blais to take off his coat. Blais does so to show off his Red Devils jacket. “That’s his business card,” says Bernier. "You don't take the offer?" Blais asks. "No" comes the answer. "You are not afraid, my friend?" Bernier asks.
The next day, the businessman lodged a complaint. Blais is a member of the South Side Red Devils. He was once a member of the Dark Souls.