Thursday, September 17, 2020

Scumbag cop Alan Strickland's fraud lawsuit against Masai Ujiri

Sheriff’s deputy Alan Strickland has accused Toronto Raptors executive Masai Ujiri of breaking NBA security rules and of taking advantage of “pervasive anti-law enforcement prejudices” and falsely alleging “racial animus” in a new court filing.
Alameda County sheriff's deputy Alan Strickland thought he hit the jackpot when he filed a lawsuit against the general manger of the Toronto Raptors for $75k in general damages, plus punitive damages, lost wages, current and future medical expenses and legal costs. He sued many, including the Toronto Raptors and the NBA. His claim was for $18m.

He claimed he suffered "injury to his head, body, health, strength, nervous system and person, all of which caused and continue to cause great mental, physical, emotional and psychological pain and suffering."
Strickland's lawsuit was dismissed.Alan Strickland said he suffered facial swelling after he was shoved. According to his suit, Strickland suffered a “shock of injury to his nervous system” that he believes “will result in some permanent disability.” He has been on paid medical leave from his $210k position ever since.

In 1995 Strickland was convicted of insurance fraud.
Alameda County sheriff Greg Ahern ( pushed for assault charges to be filed against Ujiri, which were dropped by the district attorney.
Ahern's twitter reveals he follows Trump and Fox News, along with other far right white power zealots.Ahern made international news for his involvement in the Jan. 14 eviction of the Moms4Housing takeover of an abandoned building in Oakland. To evict the two unarmed black families, Ahern sent deputies on a pre-dawn raid decked out in riot gear, armed with automatic rifles and backed by a military-style armored vehicles with a helicopter.
Most recently Ahern is screaming for vastly increased funding for his storm troopers.