Wednesday, October 7, 2020

$9m mansion seized as 'high end illegal casino' - Mackenzie No. 5 Club

The 'Mackenzie No. 5 Club' is owned by Toronto real estate developer Wei Wei. Wei met at least twice in 2016 with Trudeau, including at a controversial Liberal fundraiser. Wei was also among a delegation representing a Chinese government endorsed group that met separately with Trudeau. A member of that delegation donated $1m to the Trudeau Foundation.

Wei and his wife, Xing Yue Chen, bought the property in 2015 for $4.7m.
Wei came to Canada a decade ago under the investor-immigrant program. A person named Wei Wei owns almost 50 properties around Toronto according to land-registry records.
29 individuals have been charged with a combined 74 criminal offences.A 20,000 square foot mansion, more than $1m and 11 firearms were seized as cops in York dismantled an illegal casino and spa. Project End Game was initiated after police received information on underground casinos operating in Markham. On July 23, 32 people were arrested at a $9m mansion that was being operated as a “high-end illegal casino.”
The mansion was restrained by police and 11 firearms, $1m, $1.5m in alcohol, and gaming machines and tables were seized.
The property offered high roller gamblers accommodation, spa treatments, beverage services, sex, and high-end food, including contraband items such as braised shark fin.