Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Cameron Ortis guilty

Ashraf Khanani was contacted by Cameron Ortis. With Salim Hanareh and Farzam Mehdizadeh, they ran a huge money laundering business in the GTA. Project Ace began after cops found RCMP intelligence on a device owned by Vincent Ramos, a Vancouver dealer of encrypted phones for drug dealers. He was busted in 2018 and now resides in a Federal US jail cell.
Salim Henareh.

Cameron Ortis
It has been four years of silence since the arrest of Cameron Ortis sent shockwaves through cop, intelligence and the international spy community. His arrest meant the RCMP wasn't vetting civilian employees before dishing out top-secret clearance. Ortis, 51, faced 6 charges when his trial began. Four are under the Security of Information Act for “intentionally and without authority” sharing “special operational information” to four unnamed individuals in 2015. Two charges are under the Criminal Code for breach of trust and misusing a computer. Ortis improperly sat at the apex of Canada’s criminal national security intelligence apparatus. Most details about the allegations against Ortis are under a publication ban.
Senior RCMP officials thought they were brilliant by handing over their national intelligence program to a civilian. RCMP brass made Cameron Ortis director-general of the National Intelligence Coordination Centre and gave him a free hand.

Four years later and Ortis is awaiting trial for security breaches; three of his former staff are suing the government for harassment; and an independent review has cited senior police officials responsible for the NICC for their "clear failure."

Top RCMP entrusted Ortis with critical intelligence at the helm of the NICC, and kept him in that position despite repeated and numerous complaints about his conduct as a spy from staff. Former RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson says he had a “friendly” relationship with Cameron Ortis, an alleged mole accused of selling top secret intelligence. “I never received any complaints about Cam and I was never advised of any complaints about Cam."
Paulson denies he protected Ortis, which is strange because Ortis's rapid rise would have been impossible without Paulson. The former head of RCMP’s special intelligence unit was reported for his “strange and controlling” behavior in early 2017.

Ortis was arrested in Sept 2019 after the FBI revealed he was a spy. Paulson initially declined to comment. An independent review concluded all levels of senior RCMP management failed to deal with the many complaints against Ortis. Harassment was a theme during Paulson’s tenure at the RCMP. He issued an apology in Oct 2016 in a legal settlement. Hundreds of millions was blown in legal fees.
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