Saturday, September 19, 2020

Kevin McTaggart - Danny Greene's former top lieutenant

Kevin McTaggart was the right hand man of Cleveland's Danny Greene. He says he's a changed man after 38 years in prison. An ex-prosecutor and the prison warden agree, urging his release despite a violent past that includes the ruthless killings of six people. Now 64, McTaggart remains in federal prison in Milan, Michigan.

After Greene was killed in a 1977 car bombing, McTaggart aligned with other underworld figures: Joey Gallo, Angelo Lonardo, Carmen Zagaria and others. The FBI ended the run. At trial, McTaggart, then 26, was convicted of multiple counts and sentenced to life.
Those killed were members of rival gangs, all fighting for their share of the black market in Cleveland. Virtually all of McTaggart's gangster peers have died.
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