Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Mobster Christopher Chierchio 'won' the sucker lottery

Mobster Christopher Chierchio, 52, a solider in the Genovese family, flew on private jets, was chauffeur-driven around in an Escalade and had an apartment in a $11k per month luxury Manhattan building equipped with swimming pools, a fitness center and attaches to run errands. All the money was stolen. Chierchio was the main player in a scheme orchestrated by Jason Kurland, 46, a Long Island-based attorney, who proclaimed himself the “Lottery Lawyer.”

He gained his victims’ trust through safe investments. Once hooked he directed funds to his mob cronies.
Thieves ripped off more than $100m from three of the attorney’s clients, all huge lottery winners who had invested their money with Kurland.

Chierchio, Kurland, and two others were indicted in Brooklyn federal court and charged with wire fraud, wire-fraud conspiracy, money laundering and money-laundering conspiracy. The scam ran from October 2018 through last week.