Sunday, September 20, 2020

Outfit's Sarno deathly fear of Covid-19 - rejected for release

In 2008 the Outlaw-Outfit coalition was busted and Sarno landed back in prison for 25 years.
Once high ranking Chicago mobster Mike Sarno claims COVID-19 is threatening his life. A federal judge disagreed and has denied a "compassionate release." In his glory, Sarno was groomed for big things. Even his nickname was changed from 'Fat Boy' to 'Large Guy.' In the early 90s, he went away for racketeering, gambling and extortion. When he got out he developed ties to the Outlaws MC.
Dubbed the 'Double O Alliance,' the Outfit-Outlaw co-op bombed a videogame company. C&S Coin Operated Amusements had been cutting in on the group's illegal video poker racket.

Outlaw clubhouses in metro Chicago were raided, with numerous weapons including a live grenade, police badges, a bulletproof vest and a stun gun being seized. "The Large Guy" ordered the Outlaws to bomb C&S and wiretaps sunk them all.

Sarno's weight is being used against him according to his lawyer. The judge said that being obese doesn't mean Sarno is especially susceptible to coronavirus and shouldn't result in freedom.