Thursday, September 3, 2020

RCMP spy plane boneheads need to give it a shake

The RCMP's Pilatus PC-12/47E was noted flying over Vaughan and Bradford for a handful of days in mid-August. One expert is certain the plane was conducting surveillance on those days, circling each community a number of times. His second question was why it's so easy to track the supposedly covert plane.

The $6m Pilatus conducted it's first flight under ADS-B, the same form of transponder used on all commercial airliners, that can be viewed by anyone with the click of a button in real time.
The next day the plane flew under Mode-S, a secondary transponder that doesn’t broadcast geographical location, but does beacon most other things about the plane.

“If I can figure it out, so can the gangs and terrorists. The equipment that is needed for a lone biker or terrorist hideout to detect circling aircraft runs $20-$200, and the setup is trivial. The gear is readily available to anyone to watch aircraft off-line, in isolation.” He added that should the RCMP be investigating the Hells Angels, for example, it would be preferential if members didn't know about it.