Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Adam Jeffrey Strong - Guilty

Adam Jeffrey Strong, 48, was convicted of first-degree murder in the slaying of Rori Hache, 18, and manslaughter in the murder of Kandis Fitzpatrick, 19.

The murders were sexually motivated.
Adam Jeffrey Strong, 48, was on trial for first degree murder in the grisly slayings of Rori Hache, 18, and Kandis Fitzpatrick, 19, a decade apart in Oshawa.

Strong told cops at the scene: “OK, you got me, the gig’s up, it’s a body. If you want to recover the rest of her, it’s in my freezer.” Cops were said to have DNA evidence of his guilt.

Rori Hache, 18, was pregnant when she died.
Kandis Fitzpatrick was last seen in 2008 in Oshawa.
Rori Hache’s grandfather is Bernie Guindon, boss of Satan’s Choice MC and a one-time member of the Hells Angels. Guindon is and was a respected old school biker - he named his son Harley Davidson Guindon.