Saturday, February 4, 2023

André Oliveira Macedo given wings to fly - still MIA

Police in Sao Paulo have been hunting for André Oliveira Macedo, 45, leader of one of Brazil's biggest criminal organizations since 2020. He went on the run after being freed from prison the previous day on a judge's order that was revoked a few hours later. Macedo is a boss of the Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) gang, and was being held following his arrest in September 2019 on charges of organizing huge shipments of cocaine to Europe.
The PCC is one of the most powerful criminal organizations in Brazil.
Marco Aurélio Mello granted a habeas corpus request that allowed Macedo to leave a Sao Paulo prison. Macedo drove to the town of Maringá and boarded a plane that left for Paraguay.
During his arrest at a mansion in Angra dos Reis, cops seized two speedboats and a helicopter. Oliveira is said to own a fleet of boats.