Friday, December 2, 2022

Calgary cop Alexander Dunn guilty - update III

Calgary cop Alexander Dunn won’t get a second chance to appeal his conviction. He was found guilty of assault causing bodily harm. He received 15 days of house arrest and 15 more with a curfew. The crown sought a nine-month jail sentence. Dunn's lawyer argued for a six month 'community sentence' with house arrest. In her victim impact statement, Dalia Kafi said she suffered effects from the brutal attack. She subsequently died of a drug overdose. Dunn never showed any remorse. Dunn left the woman with a broken nose and facial injuries that required surgery. The cop's lawyer said his client was justified in using force to take Kafi to the floor when he believed she had freed herself from her restraint, posing a danger. “It was an unfortunate and terrible mistake of fact”.
Dalia Kafi
The Crown argued Dunn’s version of his contact with Dalia Kafi defies physics. Dunn’s evidence contradicted video which shows him tossing the tiny, handcuffed woman to the floor.

Dunn in blackface around 2012.