Saturday, September 4, 2021

HA Jason Arkinstall - update III

Jason Arkinstall entered a guilty plea in provincial court to one count of importing a controlled substance. His sentencing has been set for January 2022.
High profile Mission HA Jason Cyrus Arkinstall was busted with Lawrence Edward Dwyer near Creston in October 2020 and charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking and drug smuggling. The two ran back into Canada after being spotted in Idaho with five duffel bags of cocaine and meth worth more than US$2m. The two rabbits fled to Canada, leaving the dope in the U.S. 38kg of cocaine and 90kg of meth was seized.
Arkinstall made headlines when he was acquitted in Calgary in 2011 of uttering threats against police. The judge in that case said Arkinstall was “physically abused.” (poor baby) In 2013 Arkinstall was charged in Spain with HA Chad Wilson for trying to smuggle half a tonne of Colombian cocaine into the country. They were convicted and returned to Canada. Wilson was shot to death under the Golden Ears Bridge in 2018.
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