Thursday, October 1, 2020

Joe Edmonds - Mongrel Mob - 'Nike Bikie'

2 years ago, Mongrel Mob member Joe Edmonds was deported from Australia to New Zealand. Now the gangster is called Josef Armani Heart and he wears designer clothes, eats at fancy restaurants and lives in a palatial home in Thailand. His lifestyle is on display on Instagram.
Josef Heart's gold-plated Harley DavidsonJoe Edmonds was sent back to New Zealand after his gang tried to start a new chapter in Perth in 2017. The introduction of '501s' has also brought the 'Nike Bikie' to New Zealand, and poster boy is Josef Heart. Gucci sandals, Rolex watches and infinity pools are on display, not leather vests.
'Mob life my brother.'
Strike Force Raptor devised new tactics to disrupt gangs. The proactive measures were designed to create a "hostile environment" for gangsters. Critics called the strategy police harassment.
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