Monday, October 5, 2020

NZ gangster John Wharemako Gillies

Notorious NZ criminal John Wharemako Gillies brightened his appearance after $4,500 of taxpayer-funded laser surgery to remove a Mongrel Mob tattoo from his left cheek. It took 15 sessions to have the "Mongrel Mob Forever" tattoo removed while in prison. Gillies was convicted of assaulting two policemen and supplying Class A drugs in 2005. He had been out of jail for months after serving 10 years for stabbing a police sergeant with a screwdriver in 1993.

Gillies was released from his 12th jail term in 2017 and told the parole board he intended to make a "fresh start". That is the last news from Mr. John Wharemako Gillies, so far.