Saturday, October 17, 2020

Rudy Giuliani - 'Filthy Few'

POTUS lawyer Rudy Giuliani has hit the news again, this time about warnings made to the White House by the CIA and other spies about his contacts with Russian agents. Andrii Derkach has been identified by the Treasury Department as a Russian agent.

That connection led spies to learn about Giuliani's dealings with other Russian operatives. The FBI has been investigating Giuliani as a counterintelligence risk.
Giuliani and Derkach.
In 1986 Giuliani and former Senator Al D’Amato posed 'undercover' to show how easy it was to buy crack. Giuliani dressed himself in a Hell’s Angels cut, complete with club patches, including one that read “Filthy Few.” To wear the HA 'Death Head' in public when not a HA member is ill advised and the 'Filthy Few' patch is reserved for those HA who have killed for the club.