Monday, November 30, 2020

Nicola Gobbo - Australia's Lawyer X and Informer 3838

The commission's report was damning and included recommendations that cops be charged.In March 2019 it came to light that a former gangland barrister named Nicola Gobbo was also a police informant. The scandal unfolded in secret and shrouded by suppression orders and took almost a decade to play out. Cops fought for years in the courts to keep her name from public disclosure. They took the case to the High Court, which found in late 2018 that Victoria Police using Gobbo as an informer was "reprehensible." A royal commission into the police's handling of Ms Gobbo was launched.
Mick Gatto (left) and Nicola Gobbo (right) in 20081011 people may have had their cases affected by the duplicitous relationship between informer Gobbo and Victoria Police. Victims were either informed on or represented by Gobbo, in some cases, both. Gobbo first registered as a police informer in 1995 when she was a law student and lived with a dealer who got busted. Gobbo was one of the youngest women ever admitted to the bar in 1998. She made a name for herself during the gangland era in the early 2000s by representing a rogue's gallery of Melbourne's underworld, including murdered gangster Carl Williams and drug kingpin Tony Mokbel.Former Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton
124 individuals were identified, many of them the most dangerous gangsters in Australia. They are potentially affected due to "persuasive examples of conduct that may be found to amount to a miscarriage of justice". Dozens of appeals have been launched and many have already resulted in success.

Mexico issues arrest warrant for ex-Security Minister Genaro Garcia Luna

Mexico has issued an arrest warrant for ex-Security Minister Genaro Garcia Luna. He pled not guilty last month to U.S. charges involving a multimillion-dollar bribery scheme of the Sinaloa cartel. An extradition request would follow the conclusion of the former minister’s trial in the United States.

Garcia Luna is accused of taking suitcases of cash from the Sinaloa cartel. He was arrested in late 2019 in Dallas and is currently being held in New York. His indictment rocked Mexico’s political establishment, marking the first time such a senior security figure had been nailed.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Instafamous model Mikayla Noakes to live with granny after drug bust

Instagram model Mikayla Noakes, 20, has been sent to live with her grandmother as part of bail conditions. She was busted along with six others after a cross-border MDMA and cocaine syndicate operating in New South Wales and Queensland was taken down.
Cops found cocaine, MDMA, steroids, $60k in cash, mobile phones and drug paraphernalia. The model earlier pleaded not guilty. Noakes' 22-year-old boyfriend was charged with 20 offences including supplying a prohibited drug and participating in a criminal group.
The surfer was remanded in custody.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Denmark ex-HA Jørn Jønke Nielsen - Out

Jørn Jønke Nielsen, 60, has been thrown out of the Hells Angels. The biker has been a member of Hells Angels since the club started up in Denmark. For many years he was the spokesman for Hells Angels in Denmark.
"After almost 40 years with the club, it's over. I've been told I'm outcast. Of course, I do not agree with the decision, the background to it and how it was taken. However, it is not possible to change." he writes on Facebook.

There are many internal rules within the Hells Angels. How to behave after leaving the club, whether it is voluntary or not is one of them. Most ex-HAMC members out in bad standing would shut up, as instructed.

Guatemala Narco Jets

A Hawker Siddley 125 business jet filled with cocaine landed on a rough strip in Guatemala in January 27, 2020. The Guatemalan military recovered 1,700 kilos of drugs in Laguna del Tigre National Park. More than 40 narco aircraft have been intercepted in Guatemala this year.

The plane made news when it was subsequently flown out again by a Guatalmalan Air Force pilot. The narco-jet was a Hawker Siddeley HS 125/Hawker 800 derivative—an aircraft known for its hardy airframe and landing gear.
“We are talking about an industry that has enough money to abandon million-dollar planes in the jungle,” Guatemalan Army Col. Juan de la Paz said.Air routes have proven difficult to block. Enforcement in Guatemala’s remote corners is almost nonexistent.
“Their resources are infinite, and we are just trying to keep up.” 90% of the cocaine consumed in the US transits through Guatemala. Airstrips are being cut into Laguna Del Tire National Park to land jets of cocaine. Jets can carry more than $100m worth of cocaine.

Submarines and go fast boats through the Pacific have been under pressure from U.S. Coast Guard vessels. Cocaine-filled jets once flew to Mexico and Honduras, until those countries developed aerial interdiction teams. Guatemala's National Park has no such dangers.
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Friday, November 27, 2020

High surveillance release for gang leader Gregory Woolley

Before his arrest after the Magot-Mastiff investigation in November 2015, Gregory Woolley was considered one of the leaders of a mafia-biker gang alliance that led organized crime in Montreal. A trusted man of the late godfather Vito Rizzuto, his was the glue that held the alliance together. He took advantage of the SharQc decimation of the HA in 2009 to get closer to Stefano Sollecito, whom cops considered the head of the Montreal mafia. "He's watching my back, I'm watching his" Sollecito said of Woolley on tapes. Five years later, sources are wondering if Sollecito's influence as the leader of the Sicilian clan of the Montreal mafia has wained, along with Woolley's.

The HA are now the strongest in Quebec, by far. Woolley had a direct hand with Maurice Boucher in the plot to kill Raynald Desjardins. This was not unanimous among the bikers. Woolley may no longer have the same importance as before. Woolley has strict conditions. He will not be able to associate with anyone with a criminal background or linked to a criminal organization. A relative of Woolley's, Dany Sprinces-Cadet, was also released on parole three weeks ago, and Jean Winsing Barthelus, in early 2019. None may have contact with each other.

Feds seize $3.5m in Mexican cartel cash, drugs, ammo in San Diego bust

Three Mexican nationals tied to the Sinaloa cartel were charged after U.S. agents discovered a massive stockpile of cash, drugs and ammunition at a San Diego truck yard just north of the Mexico border in Otay Mesa.
The haul included $3.5m in cash, 685 kg of cocaine, 24 kg of fentanyl, around 20,000 rounds of .50-caliber ammunition and hundreds of body armor vests.

Kelowna Red Scorpion gangsters finally go to trial - Jason Keehn MIA

Project E-Precedent in November of 2017 targeted the Red Scorpion Gang, and the distribution and sale of drugs in Kelowna. It involved 15 search warrants executed on private residences and an office building. Searches lead to the seizure of 5.5 kg of fentanyl and carfentanil, 3 kg of meth, 1.5 kg of cocaine, as well as GHB, ecstasy, and other pharmaceuticals. Firearms included Mac-10 sub-machine gun, 2 semi-automatic 9mm handguns, .45 and .38 caliber handguns, and many other semi-automatic rifles. $130k cash was seized. Travis Cumming, 28, Jason Keehn, 35, Jonathan Sierra 30, Nikolas Parisee, 27 and Benjamin Bridger 28 face numerous charges.

Jason Keehn didn't show up for his first appearance and a warrant was issued for his arrest.
All their cases were adjourned to Dec. 17. Keehn faces the most charges – two counts of trafficking, four counts of possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking, five counts of incorrect storage of firearms and five counts of possessing firearms without a licence.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

HA Francisco Batista Pires busted again

Full patch Nomad Francisco Batista Pires, 57, has been busted for illegal gambling. Pires and 3 others were nailed after a raid on Burnaby's Big Shots café on July 4, 2020. Pires incorporated Big Shots in 2004. Fellow Hells Angel Rob Alvarez was involved at one point. Both he and Pires are listed as café operators.

Pires and fellow Hells Angel Ronaldo Lising were convicted in 2001 of conspiracy to traffic cocaine and sentenced to 4½ years in jail.
Cops raid Big Shots Café at 3980 East Hastings St.

Francisco 'Chico' Pires, third from left. Ronaldo Lising is far right, with sword. Photo was seized by police during 2005 clubhouse raid.
The two operated a cocaine business supplying Vancouver strip bars. A judge called them “criminals in the true sense.”
Ronaldo Lising punching a bouncer while Rob Alvarez kicks him. The 2005 attack came as the two declined to wait in line.

Ronaldo 'Ronnie' Lising arrested in 2000.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Amad 'Jay' Malkoun

Malkoun purchased the farm from a relative in 2009 for $950k. Repatriated bikie boss Amad 'Jay' Malkoun is set to reap millions from a proposed housing estate on his farm in Donnybrook, 35 km north of Melbourne. The value of the land has increased exponentially and is now worth about $20m, 3 times that when residential development is complete.

Malkoun supplied drug making chemicals to Tony Mokbel at the height of his criminal empire. Police documents released by the Lawyer X Royal Commission have linked the pair for the first time.
Tony Mokbel
Bikie boss and convicted heroin trafficker Amad "Jay" Malkoun returned to Melbourne in June after seven years in Dubai and barely surviving a car bomb in Greece. He is said to need crutches to walk. Malkoun is reported to be negotiating with a senior Mongols figure about defecting.

The return of the former boss of the Comancheros was expected to inflame tensions and it has.
Sydney's south-west is at the center of over a dozen drive-by shootings in recent weeks. Sentenced to a decade in prison in 1988 for $5.5m of heroin, Malkoun has a criminal network spanning Asia and Europe, including Russia, where he started a Comancheros chapter.
Comancheros boss Mick Murray
Fares Abounader, a former ally of slain Comanchero boss Mick Hawi, was killed in a targeted drive-by shooting at his home. His execution marks the 30th shooting in 5 weeks in Sydney and NSW.

Cops believe Abounader was a victim of a targeted hit amid rising tensions between the Comancheros and Bandidos.

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DEA busts $1.5m electric narcosub - update

The high-capacity narco submarine was found on the Cucurrupí River in the Chocó area of Colombia. It would have carried some six metric tons of cocaine, valued at around $120m. Most narco submarines interdicted carry around 1.6 metric tons of cocaine, worth $30m to 35m. Virtually all narco submarines interdicted at sea have been more correctly termed low-profile vessels (LPVs). They are semi-submersibles, designed to run low in the water to avoid detection. They cannot fully submerge. With an estimated endurance of 12 hours, this narcosub could remain submerged for 32 nautical miles
The Colombian military, working with the DEA, discovered a new type of narcosub that runs on battery power and is designed to completely submerge for short periods. The vessel is designed to carry 6 metric tons of cocaine. The boat carries 10 tons of batteries, giving it enough power to remain submerged for up to 12 hours while running at three knots. Analysts believe the boat was designed to be towed by another boat. Once near its destination, the narcosub would be cut loose and proceed under its own power. After the $1.5m sub unloaded it's cargo, it would be sent to the bottom.

Features include a fully enclosed, cylindrical hull, a hex-shaped viewing port with windows for navigating, and four dive planes designed to allow it to submerge underwater.
South American drug cartels invented narcosubs. The boats first appeared as an alternative to go-fast boats, which are more likely to be intercepted. The cartels continuously up their game.
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