Sunday, November 22, 2020

Darkweb drug kingpin Cody Ward finds 'purpose in life' - prison

Ward gave evidence of his troubled childhood from bullying, saying he was obese with few friends. The drug dealer was linked with $17m worth of cryptocurrency transactions. He says the money went to feeding his daily drug habit.Cody Ronald Ward, 26, told a judge he became an online NSW drug kingpin to feel connected to community and find purpose in life. Ward pleaded guilty to six charges laid against him, each of which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. Ward operated a dark web drug business from his Callala Bay home for four years. In February 2019, he was busted with MDMA, 2.5 kg of cocaine, meth, 100,000 LSD tabs, Xanax disguised as candy, pills, $80,000 cash, laptops and money counters.
Inside the Goulburn 'Supermax' prison, Ward says he was threatened by bikies with blades in an extortion attempt after he was dragged off-camera. He has since been diagnosed in custody with 'social anxiety disorder'. He is due to be sentenced on February 12, 2021.