Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Denmark ex-HA Jørn Jønke Nielsen - Out

Jørn Jønke Nielsen, 60, has been thrown out of the Hells Angels. The biker had been a member of Hells Angels since the club started up in Denmark. For many years he was the spokesman for Hells Angels in Denmark.
"After almost 40 years with the club, it's over. I've been told I'm outcast. Of course, I do not agree with the decision, the background to it and how it was taken. However, it is not possible to change." he writes on Facebook.

There are many internal rules within the Hells Angels. How to behave after leaving the club, whether it is voluntary or not is one of them. Most ex-HAMC members out would shut up, as instructed.
He denies being a criminal, but has been in jail for 18 of his 60 years. "I'm not a criminal. A criminal is someone who gets up in the morning and commits criminal acts." He founded Hells Angels in Denmark, but now he has been thrown out by those he called "brothers".