Thursday, January 27, 2022

German model Nathalie Volk finds love with Timur Akbulut - not

Anyone who has and uses a false vaccination card in Germany can, in the worst case, go to prison.
Nathalie Volk used a fraudulent vaccination card for her love vacation with Sami Levi.

Volk is now expecting a criminal complaint after being detained.
Nathalie Volk and bad boy HA Timur Akbulut are no more. Volk, 25, was off enjoying a love vacation with her new boyfriend Sami Levy, 24, in the Maldives. Things went downhill in October last year and Nathalie moved back to New York. She found shelter with her ex Frank Otto, 64.

Volk with ex-husband Otto.
"Timur Akbulut is excluded from the Hells Angels Germany and is no longer a member of Hells Angels worldwide" said Andre Bartl from Hanover. "Timur Akbulut is aggressive and unpredictable. He is practically outlawed by the club." "However, it cannot be ruled out that the club could pose a threat to people around him."
Nathalie Volk was in a relationship with notorious Hells Angels Timur Akbulut. The star of Germany's Next Top Model was married to millionaire Frank Otto. Timur Akbulut killed Bandidos Rudi Heinz Elten in Duisburg in 2009, earning his 'Filthy Few' patch.