Thursday, December 3, 2020

German model Nathalie Volk finds love with Timur Akbulut - Update

Nathalie Volk has posted on her Instagram (complete with signature kissy emoji) a denial of Timur Akbulut's expulsion from the Hells Angels.

The trouble is she isn't an HA member and ought not be spewing club business. Second the photo of Akbulut in his colours appeared this May. The club would have CERTAINLY retreived it's property on an expulsion. (including ink)

Volk with ex-husband Otto.
Timur Akbulut has been expelled from the Hells Angels. "Timur Akbulut is excluded from the Hells Angels Germany and is therefore no longer a member of Hells Angels worldwide" says HA spokesman Andre Bartl from Hanover.

"Timur Akbulut is aggressive and unpredictable. He is practically outlawed by the club. However, Natalie Volk is not endangered by Hells Angels club members."
"However, it cannot be ruled out that the club could pose a threat to people around him."
Nathalie Volk, 23, is in a relationship with notorious Hells Angels Timur Akbulut, 42. The star of Germany's Next Top Model was married to millionaire Frank Otto, 63. Timur Akbulut killed Bandidos Rudi Heinz Elten in Duisburg in 2009, earning his 'Filthy Few' patch.