Friday, June 11, 2021

HA associate drug dealer Lanthier buys additional 9 months

Too bright gangster Christian Lanthier bought himself another 9 months in the big house because he thought threatening guards after he was sent to the hole was a great idea. He spewed ... “I am going to take away everything you have” and “You don’t know who I am on the outside” whilst making a 'slit' motion across his throat. That didn't go over well for some reason. It was not the first time Lanthier has been convicted of intimidating jailhouse staff. Lanthier, 45, is incarcerated at Rivière-des-Prairies prison awaiting trial for conspiracy and cocaine trafficking.
The gangster requires medical testosterone shots.
He filed a lawsuit against the Attorney General of Quebec alleging damages exceeding $20k. He is too upset that his 1999 Mercedes CL 600 AMG was "seriously damaged" by scratches and damage to the trunk. $17k worth according to Lanthier.
The car sold for about $110k new in 1999. Examples can be found for less than $20k.

He is very hurt that his Maui Jim sunglasses ($360) were allegedly trampled on by cops.
He claims damage to furniture which, according to him, will cost $2k to repair. Lanthier was nailed in February 2019 along with about thirty others in operation 'Oursin'. Lanthier was one of the Hells Angels' main cocaine suppliers for their New Brunswick chapter. He is the brother of notorious Hells Angel Daniel Lanthier.