Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Damiano Dipopolo's defamation lawsuit against Dennis Watson - revisited

This rubbish was sworn in May 2015 to support a high court injunction to protect HA boss Damiano Dipopolo from, in the words of his old female lawyer "contempt, ridicule and hatred." Dipopolo denied every fact. He disputes Watson's claim that he reported 2 cars stolen. That was reported by the CBC, not Watson. HERE " police allege the president of the Kelowna Hells Angels chapter reported two vehicles as stolen, and the vehicles were later processed at the garage."

John Edward Newcome
In 2015 Mr. Damiano Dipopolo swore repeatedly that he knew nothing of a massive chop shop run by his underling in Kelowna. He swore that suggesting otherwise was defamatory to his delicate character. In February 2014, John Edward Newcome pleaded guilty to 19 counts, 14 of them relating to stolen property. He had connections to Hells Angels chapters in Nanaimo and Calgary. Under Hells Angels supervision, his was the largest chop shop ever seen in the interior. HEREOrganized theft rings fall under the HA president. Dipopolo lied in his sworn statement.
Dennis WatsonDennis Watson has no criminal record. He holds a restricted firearms permit. Mr. Dipopolo takes great pride in saying he has never been convicted of a criminal offense. That may be so but he has been charged 8 times. One might call that extremely lucky, or perhaps something else as ALL fall around him, over and over.
Click to openDipopolo's affidavit to support an injunction is an offense. History has been very unkind to Dipopolo's "I understand my obligation to give full truthful disclosure to the court to obtain the order." A machiavellian would be greatly amused and there is plenty. "I contribute to charity."
"In particular I am extremely concerned about the threats because of my family."

"Mr. Watson's allegations are incredibly defamatory to me and hurt my character."

The Hells Angels iron-clad 1% reputation for not crying to the fukkin cops is where?
If HA Damiano Dipopolo was following club rules he wouldn't be advertising his troubles in the high court.

My character!!!!
Rumor suggests the president of the Kelowna Hells Angels is no longer Damiano Dipopolo. The top chair is said to be Richard Goldammer's.

In 2018 it was Dipopolo's Nick Elmes, a Burnaby firefighter behind the Florian’s Knights MC that gave the club bad press.