Monday, March 1, 2021

Instafamous model Mikayla Noakes to live with granny after drug bust

Surfer and drug dealer Tate Robinson, 21, appealed to be allowed to see Noakes due to the 'mental toll' on him. The judge wasn't moved.

Instagram model Mikayla Noakes, 20, had been sent to live with her grandmother as part of bail conditions. She was nailed along with six others after an MDMA and cocaine syndicate operating in New South Wales and Queensland was busted.

Granny has a strict 7am to 7pm curfew.
Cops found cocaine, MDMA, steroids, $60k in cash, mobile phones and drug paraphernalia. The model earlier pleaded not guilty. Noakes' boyfriend was charged with 20 offences including supplying a prohibited drug and participating in a criminal group.
The surfer was remanded in custody.