Thursday, November 30, 2023

Red Scorpion gangster Jason Keehn goes away for 6 years

Project E-Precedent in November of 2017 targeted the Red Scorpion Gang, and the distribution and sale of drugs in Kelowna. It involved 15 search warrants executed on homes and an office building. Searches lead to the seizure of 5.5 kg of fentanyl and carfentanil, 3 kg of meth, 1.5 kg of cocaine, as well as GHB, ecstasy, and other pharmaceuticals. Firearms included Mac-10 sub-machine gun, 2 semi-automatic 9mm handguns, .45 and .38 caliber handguns, and many semi-automatic rifles. $130k cash was seized. 5 men faced charges; Travis Cumming, 28, Jason Keehn, 35, Jonathan Sierra 30, Nikolas Parisee, 27 and Benjamin Bridger 28. Jason Keehn didn't show up for his first appearance and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was caged thereafter.
Keehn faced the most charges – two counts of trafficking, four counts of possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking, five counts of incorrect storage of firearms and five counts of possessing firearms without a licence. His total sentence is six years in prison, minus 485 days enhanced credit for time served.