Monday, November 30, 2020

Nicola Gobbo - Australia's Lawyer X and Informer 3838

The commission's report was damning and included recommendations that cops be charged.In March 2019 it came to light that a former gangland barrister named Nicola Gobbo was also a police informant. The scandal unfolded in secret and shrouded by suppression orders and took almost a decade to play out. Cops fought for years in the courts to keep her name from public disclosure. They took the case to the High Court, which found in late 2018 that Victoria Police using Gobbo as an informer was "reprehensible." A royal commission into the police's handling of Ms Gobbo was launched.
Mick Gatto (left) and Nicola Gobbo (right) in 20081011 people may have had their cases affected by the duplicitous relationship between informer Gobbo and Victoria Police. Victims were either informed on or represented by Gobbo, in some cases, both. Gobbo first registered as a police informer in 1995 when she was a law student and lived with a dealer who got busted. Gobbo was one of the youngest women ever admitted to the bar in 1998. She made a name for herself during the gangland era in the early 2000s by representing a rogue's gallery of Melbourne's underworld, including murdered gangster Carl Williams and drug kingpin Tony Mokbel.Former Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton
124 individuals were identified, many of them the most dangerous gangsters in Australia. They are potentially affected due to "persuasive examples of conduct that may be found to amount to a miscarriage of justice". Dozens of appeals have been launched and many have already resulted in success.