Monday, November 23, 2020

Teresa Decotiis - The Black Widow - 'nice boy' - Update II

Where did the six figures of unsecured DeCotiis funding (Amacon) for Damiano Dipopolo and the Kelowna Hells Angels go to precisely? This was 3+ years before the Brandon Vito Huges hit. "Amacon's $350,000 loan to the three Liquid Zoo Holdings shareholders made about one year earlier, in August 2005."

A goodly chunk of the Amacon dough went towards the purchase of the Liquid Zoo bar in Kelowna. The bar became a MAJOR cocaine trafficking hub for the Hells Angels and Kevin Van Kalkeren. He sold mountains of cocaine and pulled 16 years as a career wholesale drug dealer. Other funds assisted Damiano Dipopolo with property purchases in Kelowna. In late 2005 Donato De Cotiis sought a court injunction to protect himself from eight family members. He claimed the Dipopolos had been hired "to assault, threaten and/or intimidate."
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Kevin Van Kalkeren
"In 2005, Quail Place (Habib) says that it sold the Business to 072 by way of an asset sale. There was no written sale agreement. The sale price was said to be $550,000, with $350,000 paid up front and $200,000 to be paid when, and if, the Licence transfer was approved. Liquid Zoo leased the premises to 072. Mr. Dipopolo was a one third shareholder and director of Liquid Zoo." HERE.
Teressa Decotiis has begun yet another offensive against your humble blogger.

"Please block this person from blogging and posting lies and dangerous misinformation about people. He is out of control. This blogger needs to be stopped. His name on the blogs is "DrStoxxman" he keeps posting wrong information about people and destroying their reputation. DrStoxxman has no right to post information about people he doesn't even know. My name is [REDACTED] (Teresa, duh) De Cotiis and I demand google to stop this terrible person from posting wrong information about me, I have never met this terrible man. I am in fear everyday as I think this man is going to attack me physically, I am seeking legal action and contacting the police, as this man is absolutely telling lies and destroying me, he doesn't know what he is writting about in his blogging, he keeps referring to people as gangersters, I think he is the gangerster. Please stop this guy, he is out of control with blogs."

Teresa Decotiis has reverted to google take-downs, a tactic abused by her bag of chit female lawyer.
What say we? This woman is openly crooked and thats just the recent. Observe how this group ALWAYS say they are being threatened. We believe this offense was directly involved in the hit on Brandon Vito Hughes. Thats opinion based on circumstantial fact. This woman exercising censorship demonstrates precisely HOW guilty she likely is. If she was innocent she surely would not care.
Teresa Decotiis is infamous as the senior sibling and guiding hand of Amacon when it financed the Hells Angels expansion into Kelowna to the tune of $700k. She hired Damiano Dipopolo and his twin brother Rocco to 'intimidate and threaten' her family, including a direct threat to Brandon Vito Huges. She was central in the family feud that saw her nephew Brandon Huges executed. What does she say today about that hit?

"Brandon Hughes had an ex girlfriend that did that to him. It's very sad as he was a nice boy who got caught with many girl friends and the wrong crowd, I was not close to him."
Marcello DeCotiis, Lilliana DeCotiisThis space has every reason to believe it was Teresa Decotiis who financed the patently ridiculous Damiano Dipopolo defamation suit in Supreme Court against Surrey blogger Dennis Watson. Today Teresa Decotiis is famous for being partners with disgraced realtor Shahin Behroyan. Behroyan is fighting a 5 year ban for a $75k kickback scheme in which Teresa Decotiis was a partner.

Shahin Behroyan
Final words from Teresa Decotiis? "I am a religious person that goes by the law! I will be filing a police report if you do not remove the blogs with my name and pictures."
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