Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Phoebe Greenberg $15m civil lawsuit exposes HA connections

Phoebe Greenberg
A $15m lawsuit filed by Phoebe Greenberg against her former assistant Sandra Testa is more than it appears. Phoebe Greenberg is heiress and shareholder of the Minto Empire, a real estate company listed on the TSE with a portfolio of over $ 2.5b.

Testa defends herself by swearing her boss authorized all expenses. She describes Greenberg as unaware of the cost of her luxurious lifestyle, who relied on 'servants' to pay her extravagant expenses. Greenberg is said to spend a fortune for continuous plastic surgery.
Cops recently discovered two stolen paintings of Riopelle in his residence.One of the beneficiaries of Greenberg cash was Carlo Farruggia, known for his ties to the Italian Mafia and HA. Farruggia is linked to mafioso Antonio Pietrantonio. In 1994, Farruggia was intercepted on his way to HA Richard Vallee with $122k in cash. Farruggia avoided charges, but when Vallée was tried for murder, the prosecution linked the money to cocaine trafficking. Cops took Farruggia’s fingerprints from a bag containing explosives. Farruggia also had the key to a car in which a handgun and a detonator identical to the one used to kill a witness was found.

Vallee was extradited to the US in 2006. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
Richard Vallee

Farruggia wasn't the only hand. Vanessa Purdy, a former employee, is the daughter of the late Jerry Purdy, one of the strong men of the Irish underworld in Montreal. She is the sister of Sean Purdy, a man with high level connections to organized crime.
A similar $5m lawsuit against former employee Giuseppina “Penny” Mancuso was settled. Mancuso was paid $400k per year, plus $200k for beauty care and an allowance of $100k for her children’s schooling. Apparently this was cause to steal more.
Penny Mancuso, Phoebe Greenberg
Phoebe Greenberg on a trip to Europe with Nabil Salaheddine and Carlo Farruggia.