Sunday, March 21, 2021

Daniel Dubajic sets record for bust by TO cops - Update

Daniel Dubajic reveals through Facebook he is an anti-semite and white supremacist. “They (Jews) think they are the chosen ones. They believe they are entitled to rule the world. That’s no conspiracy. That’s common sense.” In another comment he stated, “Hitler was also voted man of the year for the world. Look it up. Maybe even twice.” Dubajic last appeared January.
Daniel Dubajic, 45, is facing 78 charges after police recovered more than $18m in drugs and 65 firearms at his apartment last month - the biggest single-day seizure in Toronto cop history. Cops seized 106kg of cocaine, 61kg of meth, 5kg of fentanyl, 9kg of MDMA, 65 firearms, including 57 handguns and eight long-barreled and semi-automatic guns, more than 15,000 rounds of ammunition, and several high-capacity and extended ammunition magazines.Cops were tipped off to drug trafficking. They had no clue they were dealing with weapons trafficking as well in the historic bust.
The huge operation was based in a residential neighbourhood near Parklawn and Berry roads in Etobicoke.