Monday, June 6, 2022

Gangster Jonathan Olson appeal dismissed

The Crown was seeking a sentence of 14 years.

Prolific offender Jonathon Olsen's appeal of his 11.5-year jail sentence for a crime spree five years ago that included shooting a man in the head has been dismissed. Olson was convicted with Brodie Tyrel Takahashi Robinson for incidents over the 2017 Canada Day long weekend. Olson was sentenced in B.C. Supreme Court on Jan. 13, 2021. Olson has an extensive and violent criminal record.

Police dog Grinder after Olson attempted to drown him in the Vedder River in 2018.
The Crown informed the court in Sept 2019 of a pending application under section 752.1 of the criminal code ... the dangerous offender tag and indeterminate sentence. The dangerous offender designation was taken off the table.

Drama ensued as Olson was found in possession of a stolen vehicle near the Vedder Canal. He ended up in the water fleeing from a police dog that he fought off and attempted to drown. He was arrested by the RCMP’s Emergency Response Team hiding in bushes. Both Robinson and Olson faced a minimum for the most serious weapons offences. The criminal code calls for a minimum of five years with the use of a restricted or prohibited firearm. Olson originally faced the rare charge of attempting to kill or maim a law enforcement animal, but that was dropped.