Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Lawrence Orubor - Calgary drug boss

Details have emerged about massive drug distribution network 'The Family' and leader Lawrence Chukwka Orubor, 52. Orubor lives in Calgary's suburbs and has an extensive criminal history dating back more than 30 years, with at least 40 convictions. He now faces seven new charges connected to Operation Bloodline, a six-month police investigation into The Family. The charges are rare: instructing drug trafficking and violent offences for a criminal organization. The Family was responsible for the "vast majority of violence in the downtown core" according to cops.
The Family operated under police radar for years, selling drugs to addicted, homeless Calgarians. That 'down and out' population is ripe for exploitation and they rarely go to the cops. Violence, including a murder, motivated Calgary cops to tackle The Family.

Orubor prefered underlings willing to "work just for the dope" and were expendible.
Security and debt collection came from those addicts willing to resort to violence.
Search warrants were executed in November on two vehicles and four homes, one of which belongs to Orubor. Cops seized meth, fentanyl, crack and GHB. Orubor's bust has already had an effect. The Family's drug set-up outside Calgary's injection site is gone. Predatory dealers targeted those attempting to deal with dependency issues daily.