Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Major HA bust in Quebec - update

Martin "Gros Gam" Gamache.Cops have broken into a dozen homes, including those of some high profile members of the Hells Angels of the Quebec chapter. The cops notably went to visit Marc "Marco" Roberge and Martin "Gros Gam" Gamache. Gamache's colours are gonzo. Some 30 HA and associates have been charged so far.
Cops are making a series of raids in connection with the drug underworld in Quebec City, Beauce, Portneuf, Gatineau and Montreal. Drug networks in various regions are controlled by the Hells Angels. Quebec’s organized crime suppression squad (ENRCO) said that about 20 arrests are planned for today. Four kg of cocaine, 130k meth tablets, $400k in cash, eight firearms - including five handguns - and an electric pulse pistol, silencers and ammunition has been seized. The investigation is dubbed Operation Palefroi (walking or parade horse).