Friday, December 18, 2020

Milton 'Butch' Jones seeks covid-19 release

Milton 'Butch' Jones, a leader of the notorious Detroit drug gang "Young Boys, Inc.," contracted the coronavirus in federal prison and is seeking compassionate release. Once a feared drug kingpin linked to multiple Detroit killings, Jones is now 65, in a wheelchair and on dialysis three times per week.

In 1982, leaders Raymond Peoples, Jones and 41 lieutenants were indicted. Jones was released after 12 years in federal prison, but was busted again for murder and drug charges. He has served more than 19 years and has a 2027 release date.
At Jones' prison, 306 inmates and 22 staff are Covid positive and 9 inmates have died.
Milton 'Butch' Jones and his crew were called the Henry Ford of heroin. The group was highly effective because of its vertically integrated structure. It was described by the Feds as a "military-like organization chart for narcotics conspiracy."

YBI worked to keep drugs, distribution, and money in separate locations. It used minors exclusively as runners and street level dealers, which made inflitrating the gang impossible. YBI represented a change in gang structure. It also sourced it's own heroin supply, instead of relying on the Italian mafia.