Sunday, December 20, 2020

Phuket Thailand - Hells Angels' Paradise

Along with cheap prices and the ability to blend in with other "farangs" - foreigners, Phuket has much to offer.
Night is painted with flashing neon in Phuket. This is a party place - an escape of the everyday. But it is also a haven for criminals. The list is long ... fraudsters, murderers, pedophiles, fugitives on the run, many call Phuket home. Widespread corruption and slow computerization of government records has long made Thailand a safe haven from the long arm of the law.
The HA clubhouse overlooks Patong beach. No photo, no name, says the president of the Nomads. The bikers keep a low profile and need to keep the peace as the largest and strongest gang is always the Thai police. That all changed in 2016 with the murder of high ranking wholesale drug trafficker Wayne Schneider, who was found naked with a broken neck, two meters underground.

"We build playgrounds for orphans" says 'Dennis' when asked if the HA receive money through trafficking, drugs, weapons, prostitution or extortion. In Phuket the bikers wear flip flops and drive mopeds.
Harleys are impractical for short trips through the narrow streets. The HA Nomads celebrated their 18th anniversary in Phuket. They like it here.

Luke Anderson is the latest HA to get sent packing back to Australia from Thailand. He's wanted for drug trafficking. Anderson made headlines in 2016 for bashing a Thai man. The 3 HA bikers avoided consequences by paying restitution.
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