Monday, December 7, 2020

President of Hells Angels Rosenheim busted for pimping

In 2019 Hells Angels Rosenheim posed for a group shot in front of the clubhouse.The president of the Rosenheim Hells Angels is off to prison for 19 months for, among other things, forced prostitution. The judgment of the Rosenheim district court became final a few days ago.

There was great comotion in Tuntenhausen in Upper Bavaria when the Hells Angels set up charter there. Bikers chose a former butcher’s shop in Tuntenhausen as their clubhouse. At the opening ceremony in July 2019, more than 150 HA and supporters invaded the town. Local residents were alarmed. Shortly after the founding of the Rosenheim charter, cop investigation into its president began. At first there was only the cocaine trade, then forced prostitution and other crimes.
The rural community has little use for biker tatoos.