Sunday, March 13, 2022

President of HA Rosenheim busted for pimping - 10 years

The convict, 36, comes from Rosenheim, Bavaria, where he was HA president. In court, he largely admitted the allegations.

In 2019 HA Rosenheim posed in front of the clubhouse.
The ex-president of the Rosenheim Hells Angels is off to prison for, among other things, forced prostitution. There was comotion in Tuntenhausen in Upper Bavaria when the Hells Angels set up charter in a former butcher’s shop. At the opening on July 2019, more than 150 HA and supporters invaded the small town. Residents were alarmed. Investigations began. At first there was the drug trade, then forced prostitution and other crimes.
Michael E. HA President Rosenheim.
The rural community has little use for biker tatoos.