Friday, December 25, 2020

Nick Martin, Rebels bikie boss whacked - sniper

Bikie boss Nick Martin was laid to rest. A single sniper gunshot killed him.
HA Dayne Brajkovich, sergeant-at-arms, has been fined $800 for a violent public fight with murdered former Rebels gang boss, Nick Martin. His charge was "fighting in public in circumstances likely to cause fear". The bikie's lawyer said "There was a further verbal exchange. My client felt threatened. It was fight or flight and he unfortunately chose to fight."

The State Government has offered a $1m reward for information that leads to the conviction of the person responsible for Nick Martin's murder. It has been revealed that it was a single shot which took Martin out.
WA police have launched a major taskforce and raided the clubhouses of rival bikie gangs after senior Rebels bikie Nick Martin was shot dead at a Perth drag racing event. The brazen public slaying has sparked fears of a gang war.

WA cops have launched operation Rovello, a taskforce comprising more than 100 cops including gang squad and homicide detectives. “We’re taking the fight back to the gangs in Western Australia,” WA Police Assistant Commissioner Brad Royce told reporters.
Rebels boss Nick Martin, 50, has been gunned down at a family drag racing event in Perth. He was shot in front of horrified families before dying at the scene. A five-year-old boy, who was sitting on his parent's lap nearby, was injured. Martin was involved in a brawl with a Hells Angels bikie in Scarborough, on November 24.

There are now fears of an all out bikie war. Martin was a well known identity in the Perth underworld and had survived a series of attacks.