Monday, July 17, 2023

Sacha Nelson César whacked in Laval - update II

It has been revealed by major league hitman Frédérick Silva that he communicated with Sacha Nelson 'Kash' César in November 2020, to give him the contract to murder Frantz Louis for $100k. Frantz Louis was gunned down inside his car November 19, 2020. Sacha César-Nelson was whacked weeks later in December 2020. César was close to the departed Arsène Mompoint, a Reds gang leader. There are no arrests in the execution. Many have been waiting for rat hitman Frédérick Silva to spill his many beans.
Sacha Nelson César had a heroin trafficking route in downtown Montreal. He was executed by several shots to the head. The murder of César is linked to the assassination of Frantz Louis, committed in the Villeray district.
High profile mafioso Davide Barberio is a 41-year-old Rivière-des-Prairies resident charged in Project Clemenza. In 2017, Barberio and others saw a stay of proceedings because RCMP refused to disclose how they intercepted their text messages. Frantz Louis and Barberio were closely linked. A mafia loansharking and extortion bust in 2014 led to Louis.
Frantz Louis’s slaying was the 24th homicide in Montreal this year. César's was the 25th.
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