Saturday, December 5, 2020

Sammy 'the Bull' Gravano not a star witness

Gravano emerged to offer a new take on wiretaps between John Gotti and Frank “Frankie Loc” LoCascio prior to the hit on Gambino mobster Louie DiBono. The judge scoffed at Gravano's claims in slapping down LoCascio’s bid for freedom, noting he didn’t attend the meeting and remained an unlikely source of salvation for any Mafioso.

“(Gravano) was condemned as a rat and marked for death ... he was vilified in the harshest terms as a liar and every conceivable variation of that word.”
Gravano insisted Frankie Loc “had no role” in the Gotti ordered 1990 parking garage killing.
Frank “Frankie Loc” LoCascio and John Gotti “But it would appear that the death sentence the law of LaCosa Nostra makes mandatory for a rat has a previously unknown exception for a rat who remembers a mind he read more than 30 years ago in aid of a former Mafia friend in prison.”

The ex-underboss and admitted killer of 19 seems to have credibility issues.

John Gotti in 1986