Saturday, February 27, 2021

11 killed in narco violence in southwest Colombia

11 people died in 4 locations due to a conflict between “Frente Oliver Sinisterra” (FOS) and “Los Contadores” over control of the coastal municipality in the Nariño province. The Contadores and the FOS have been at war over drug trafficking routes and illegal mining operations in Nariño since 2018. Los Contadores is a drug trafficking group founded by arrested drug lord “Contador” and made up of former FARC guerrillas and former AUC paramilitaries.
Captured drug lord “Contador”

FOS leader “El Gringo”
With the support of the Sinaloa Cartel, FOS took control over Colombia’s border with Ecuador, which is a major drug trafficking route to ports.
The Frente Oliver Siniterra split from the FARC in late 2016.