Sunday, March 7, 2021

Pagans Boss nailed on gun charges - The 73

Roughly 1,000 HA and supporters attended a ritzy ballroom on Long Island in February 2002 for a "Hellraiser Ball." Then the Pagans arrived. A war zone ensued as 10 vanloads of bat-wielding Pagans crashed the party. 73 Pagans were charged with various crimes, including rioting and attempted gang assault. The lone Pagan killed, Robert “Mailman” Rutherford, is honored at an annual party in his hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It was this party that Boss Richter attended before somebody ratted him out to the cops for a gun.
Keith Richter, 62, was returning home from a Pagans party when he was stopped. Cops found him carrying a loaded .45-caliber Ruger P345 handgun. Richter went to prison in 1988 for racketeering murder conspiracy. He was released in 2012 and took control of the Pagans six years later.
With about 900 Pagans across 12 states, the club is growing quickly. Some hispanics are now allowed to join. The Pagans have 17 chapters across New Jersey, up from 10 just 5 years ago. Richter has boosted membership by absorbing smaller, local gangs into the Pagans.

Pagans Vice President Hugo “Zorro” Nieves is likely to step in as president until Richter’s release from jail.