Monday, March 29, 2021

20 years since operation 'Spring 2001'

From left: Michel Rose, Luc Bordeleau, David Carrol, Denis Houle, Donald Stockford, Gilles Mathieu, René Charlebois, Wolodumir Stadnik, Maurice “Mom” Boucher and Normand Robitaille.
On March 28, 2001, more than 2,000 cops were deployed to arrest 142 people. The main targets were members and associates of the Hells Angels. The bust eliminated Maurice “Mom” Boucher's Quebec Nomads.

$8.6m and US $2.7m was seized.
The front page of the Journal du Montréal the day after the police raid screamed the headline "The party is over!"

Twenty years later, the resurgence of the Hells Angels in Quebec is well known. Their control over the drug trade in the Province has never been stronger.
The trials produced a huge arsenal of restricted weapons.