Saturday, April 3, 2021

83 members in good standing of the five Quebec chapters doing fine

Jean-Richard Larivière and Gilles Lambert. The Quebec HA have bases in Colombia, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic for cocaine smuggling. Sale of cocaine and the 10% street tax that the HA collect from dealers across their territory is the cash cow. There has been no shortage of cocaine in Montreal despite the closure of the Canada-US border. The price of a kilo of cocaine has risen 40% - up to $80k.

"The Hells dominate organized crime, both in Quebec and in Canada. And they do it without any leader and without showing off as much as in the past. "
"They have aged well," concedes Chief Inspector Dubé. "They no longer have to get their hands dirty as much as before." All HA leadership now have jobs or legal businesses, and they all declare their legitimate income and pay taxes. This is a change from the days of 'Mom' Boucher.

Martin Robert is considered by cops to be the most influential Hells Angel in Quebec.