Friday, May 20, 2022

Dominic Taddeo escapes, lassoed, pleads guilty

Infamous mob assassin Dominic Taddeo, 64, who murdered three gangland rivals in the ’80s Rochester Mafia War, was arrested 4 days after he escaped from federal custody in Florida. Taddeo pleaded guilty and is looking at an additional 5 years in the big house.
About to be released to a halfway house, the killer went for a medical appointment on March 28 and never returned.
A judge denied Dominic Taddeo's bid for compassionate release in 2021. Taddeo has been imprisoned the past three decades for murder and other crimes. He’s scheduled to be released in two years. In 1982 and 1983 contract killer Taddeo fatally shot three men — Nicholas Mastrodonato, Gerald Pelusio, and Dino Tortatice. Taddeo also attempted to whack former Rochester Mafia captain Thomas Marotta, twice. Joseph Sullivan was responsible for about 20 of the murders in the Rochester Mafia War.
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