Sunday, November 19, 2023

"Godfather" of Montreal gangs in troubled waters - revisited

By 2021 reports of a power struggle between boss of the Reds Arsène Mompoint and Gregory Woolley were in the press. Mompoint was the target of an attempted murder in August 2019. He was killed in Kanesatake on July 1, 2021. In February of the same year, his top associate Frank Pascal Dieudonné was assassinated. Cops said Mompoint was "in conflict with certain representatives of organized crime", including Gregory Woolley and his 'right arm' Jean Winsing Barthelus. Ex-leader of Unit 44 and responsible for scores of contract killings, Arsène Mompoint was known to cops since the 90s. He had strong links to Lebanese gangsters.
Mompoint (right) with murdered Mafia boss Andrew Scoppa (left) during cop surveillance in 2016.
Cops recorded Gregory Woolley and two leaders of the Rizzuto clan saying that they no longer trusted Andrew Scoppa or his brother, Salvatore, whom they suspected to be a police rat. Both Scoppa brothers were shot dead in 2019.
Gregory Woolley's star in the HAMC fell (along with Salvatore Cazzetta) with the failed execution plot to eliminate Raynald Desjardins in 2015. Woolley was charged with multiple counts of drug trafficking in addition to the conspiracy to commit murder charge. When he was released in 2020 he became firmly entrenched with the Sicilians.
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