Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Bikie Dayne Brajkovich - Out and Fu*k the Police - update IV

Bikie Dayne Brajkovich has won his legal battle after being found not guilty of displaying bikie insignia.
Brajkovich took to the stand at Perth Magistrates Court to deny allegations he wore a Hells Angels club logo on a shirt while walking past Ascot Racecourse on January 21, five days after he was booted from the club. He was also accused of displaying a tattoo referencing the club at Belmont Shopping Centre a few days later on January 30. Brajkovich suggested the shirt shown in CCTV footage being worn by a heavily tattooed man was a fake and stated he “doesn’t wear fake shit” when he has “two-hundred grand around his neck” – referring to his trademark gold chain. Brajkovich was booted from the Hells Angels in early 2022. His new wife, Jacinta Hill, told the packed courtroom her husband had been let go by the Hells Angels for “bashing the president”.
Former HA bikie Dayne Brajkovich thinks a swastika on his chiny chin chin is super.
Dayne Brajkovich bashed Rebels boss Nick Martin weeks before his public assassination. Shots were fired at Brajkovich’s home in Ascot in early March 2021. Nobody was injured.

The words 'revenge' and 'enforcer' are still marked on Brajkovich's inky head.
Dayne Brajkovich was expelled from the HAMC. His troubles continued as he was charged under WA's tough new anti-gang laws. Brajkovich needed to 'do' something about his dopey tatoos before stepping out in public, and that he did. The words 'sergeant at arms' has been covered. A '1%' tattoo on his chest is now a black diamond.
Among Brajkovich's many tattoos are the word 'Hells Angels' on his forehead and '1%er' on his neck. Cops suggest he needs to buy cases of band-aids to walk the streets of Perth. Brajkovich couldn't be missed at a recent court appearance. He was wearing a red and black HAMC jersey, along with a Gucci cap, sunglasses and a massive gold chain, bracelet and watch. His pretty shoes were likewise designer club colours. Brajkovich, 41, faced Perth Court, not the fashion police, and was fined $300, plus $248 in court costs. He pleaded guilty to entering a premises where he was barred. It is not known if they had a dress code for circus clowns.
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