Thursday, March 4, 2021

Tawny Costa - Gangster Moll

Tawny Costa is the longtime girlfriend and the mother of two of Mob rat 'Frank Capri's' children. She was the strawman for a fraud exceeding $65m. She was the woman whose name all the Rascal Flatts restaurants were registered under. She was the owner on paper.
Frank Gioia Jr, was a ‘made man’ and third-generation soldier of the Lucchese crime family. In 1994 he turned rat after striking a deal with federal prosecutors. He was released in 1999. As part of his deal Gioia had his life imprisonment sentence reduced to six years. He went into the federal witness protection program and became Frank Capri. He moved to Arizona, where he became a conman. Capri used plans to build up to 20 Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill restaurants to steal millions. Capri took up-front fees in exchange for long-term leases that weren’t honored.
After the Toby Keith restaurant collapse, Capri orchestrated another - using the name of country music act the Rascal Flatts. One restaurant opened in Stamford, Connecticut, in Aug 2017. It closed owing $1.2m a year later.
Capri and his companies have been ordered to pay more than $65m.
Gioia Jr.'s former associates 'perp walk'