Friday, March 3, 2023

William Rainville - 249 Glock frames, parts = full parole after a year

Smuggling 249 handguns into Canada cost William Rainville a year in jail. Despite a five-year sentence, he’s in a halfway house and allowed day parole. The street value of his weapons was estimated at $1.6m.
William Rainville pleaded guilty to six counts of possession of weapons for the purpose of trafficking and possession of weapons without permits. He pulled a five-year prison term. The minimum sentence which Rainville pleaded guilty to is three years and the maximum sentence is ten years. On social media, William Rainville wrote that his goal in life was to achieve financial freedom at age 40. He owned half a dozen rental properties, including a dilapitated home steps from the US border. The old house has a crooked roof, faded paint, and grounds littered with rusty farm tools. The creaky home was the 6th purchased by Rainville, a year before his bust.
Camping gear was inside. The house comes with something else. A white concrete stele is yards away. The inscription "Canada" appears on the north side, and "United States" on the south side.
Rainville was nailed during a border surveillance operation by RCMP. They found five hockey bags filled with frames and parts for restricted firearms. Contraband was 249 illegal unassembled weapons, namely Polymer 80 Glock frames. All the parts needed to make the weapons operational were present. The firearms, when assembled, go for $2,500 each on the street.
Rainville was busted with large capacity magazines, bolt assemblies with barrels that were less than 105 mm in length, the jigs and all the parts necessary for assembly. Rainville faced multiple charges including importing restricted firearms and possession of prohibited firearms.