Friday, October 15, 2021

Colombo boss Victor Orena thinks he's President

Vittorio "Little Vic" Orena is a New York mobster who became the acting boss of the Colombo crime family. A challenge by Orena to jailed boss Carmine Persico triggered one of the bloodiest Mafia wars in New York history. Lawyers say he is so stricken with Alzheimer's that he thinks he is president of the United States.

Persico died in prison in 2019.
The once feared boss is 87 with advanced dementia and can no longer care for himself. He is wheelchair-bound. Orena has been in prison since 1992 after being sentenced to life plus 85 years. The Colombo conflict spiraled out of control in 1991. As the war progressed into 1992, Orena was convicted of murder and racketeering. By the end of 1992, the shooting war had ended and Persico remained in control of the Colombo family.